4 Easy Steps to Start Healthy Living


More and more Singaporeans are now becoming conscious of their health. Many people sign up for gym memberships so they can have their ideal body figures. They probably think that looking great means being healthy. They can be right. Some people become cautious of what they’re eating. Some turn to dieting. There are many ways to get that figure to die for. There are many ways to achieve the weight that you want. No matter what reasons it may be, it’s good whenever people are more attentive to their health. As the cliché goes, health is wealth.


  1. Watch what you’re eating

We usually check ourselves in the mirror to see if there’s anything amiss. Have we gained weight? Did we shed some pounds? But rather than looking at our bodies, we’d do better by watching what goes into our bodies. This simply means paying more attention to the food we eat. After all, what we put in our bodies shows in our appearance. Loving and respecting ourselves would lead us to becoming more selective of our food.

Eating the right food will get you a long way. The secret is not in eating less but simply consuming the right amounts. You don’t have to starve yourself nor deprive yourself of delicious food. Keep things in moderation. Stay away from food that are destructive to your body as much as you can. Educate yourself on what type of foods are good for you and what are not.

  1. Exercise regularly

Your body was meant for moving – so move it. Some people live sedentary lives because of the nature of their work. Some are sedentary by choice. It’s important that you get at least 2.5 hrs of vigorous physical activity every week. It will be better if you pick a sport or a recreation that allows you to do your required physical activity.


It’s important that you have fun while doing your chosen activity. There’s a higher chance of abandoning a routine when you’re only pushing yourself and it feels like a chore without any reward. So you should choose an exercise that you love to do: Go biking if you love to bike, go swimming if you love to swim. There’s more chance of making it into a habit when you’re having fun. You can include friends or family members in your routine to make it more enjoyable.

  1. Drink enough water

We’ve all been taught to drink enough glasses of water every day. While this may seem like an easy effortless rule, it still doesn’t mean that we always get to follow. Believe it or not, some people are not used to drinking a lot. They can get by with just a few glasses. It’s not because they don’t need to.

It’s just they were not used to. For others, our hectic schedule gets in the way of reminding us on the things what we need to do to take care of our bodies. Physical discomforts and illnesses kick in once our bodies don’t get enough water it needs.

  1. Get enough hours of sleep

The amount of rest an individual needs may vary from person to person. Trust your body to know how much sleep it needs to get rejuvenated. If you want to find out, sleep undisturbed at night without turning the alarm on. Take note the hours of sleep you’ve had. Observe the same routine for a week to get your average number of sleeping hours. There may be days when you can’t help but sleep shorter. When this happens, just make sure that you fill in those lost hours of sleep on the other days of the week.