4 Ways to Outsmart Hotels and Save a Lot


When it comes to booking an accommodation, know that you have the advantage. Hotels are permanent fixtures, meaning they can’t change location and they rely so much on foot traffic. You, on the other hand, always have the choice to walk around and inquire at nearby competing hotels. And with just a few searches and clicks on your phone, you can quickly find important hotel information, such as room types and room rates in many different hotels in the city.

However, before booking the best deal you found, here are some more ways to save a lot from your accommodation.

  1. Search Online for Prices, But Inquire Directly for Specials

Look for room rates online and show it to the receptionist when you get there. But other than discounted deals online, ask for specials before finally booking. For example, ask if you can stay for two nights and get the third night for free or in discounted rate. You may also want to ask if paying full in advance will give you some extras like free parking or spa credits. When you book directly with the hotel, you have better chances of snagging better deals than booking online.

  1. Know the Hotel Staff

Start with the manager. Make it a point to compliment the hotel about your stay and promise to come back again. The next time you check in, ask for the manager by name, ‘Is Sam around today?” If yes, have a bit of chitchat with him and refresh his memory bu saying something like, “During my last stay here, I got free WiFi. I was looking forward to it again.”When the staffs recognize you, they’ll likely be more welcoming of your requests and may provide you with special services and upgrades at no cost.

  1. Ignore Hotel Entertainment Packages

Skip the hotel’s organized entertainment and tour packages as majority of these are significantly marked up. If you want to go on a tour, booking outside the hotel will save you loads of cash. Some packages aren’t really that bad, but how will you know if you’re not familiar with local prices? Which is apparently, you’re not.

  1. Know More About Loyalty Programs

Signing up for a hotel loyalty program is a good way to score special promos and services, if you don’t mind staying in one hotel chain every time you travel. If you sign up for a loyalty program’s partner credit card, you can get additional discounts and points for free meals, free stay and other hotel perks. Make use of the travel benefits available through credit cards, which offer large discounts at partner hotels.

Above all, be nice. Requests delivered nicely have better chances of being granted than being all demanding and bossy.