5 Picture-Worthy Places in Singapore

Travels and even everyday routines don’t go about without a snapshot or two. There is always that picture-worthy angle, that good shot we all want to capture. Singapore, with all its other perks, offers just the right infrastructures to pepper our feeds with like-hoarding photos.

1. Orchard Gateway Bridge
Built on April 26, 2014, this bridge connects Orchard Gateway to Orchard Gateway@Emerald for the purpose of allowing pedestrians to cross safely unscathed by the weather to and fro the two locations. Its tube-like structure offers great lines and depth for photos, with Orchard Road as background. It also has 3D art which creates the illusion as if there is a whole at the center of the bridge.

2. Helix Bridge
This 280-meter bridge connects Marina Centre with Marina South, all in the Marina Bay Area. It accommodates pedestrians which is just perfect for taking shots of this picturesque structure. At night, LED lights illuminate the bridge in contrast to the pitch black darkness giving it an identical aura to its inspiration – the human DNA. It is comprised of two delicate helix structures forming a tube, only touching one another at one point.

3. Railway bridge
Picture yourself back in the day when bridges were rare and transportation wasn’t as accessible as it is today. The Railway Bridge in Singapore stretches above Bukit Timah Road. Despite all the rust, this structure still holds much beauty and nostalgia, both locals and tourists appreciate.

4. People’s Park Complex
Who would have thought that a residential building could provide a catchy backdrop to that profile photo you’ve been waiting for? The People’s Park Complex is a high-rise structure with 31 floors which functions both as a residential and commercial building. Containing both offices and apartments, it thrives in commerce as it is located in one of the most packed areas of Singapore.

5. Sports Hub
Bask in all the reds you can see in this sports structure not only for athletes but enthusiasts as well. The dome of the National Stadium houses 55,000 red seats which makes all indoor structures stand out in contrast to this vibrant hue. It also has other amenities such as Aquatic Centre, Arena, commercial retail space, which will surely fill your camera roll with architectural delight.

No better way of appreciating today’s symbols of advancement and urbanization than through the lens of equally-advanced cameras. We can preserve what our eyes enjoy as of the moment, and immortalize it to a certain time when it would be no longer what it is today – either its change for the better or the opposite.

Good thing we can take snapshots; good thing we have memories along with each click.