5 Reasons Why Gardening Is Good For You


We all know that gardening is good for Mother Earth, but it’s also beneficial to the health. Whether you tend to your potted plants on your balcony or grow a full-scale garden in your backyard, the act of gardening improves your physical and mental well-being in many ways that medical science can’t. Here’s how:


  1. It encourages you to be physically active.

One of the obvious reasons why gardening is good for the health is that it’s a way of getting you to move. You don’t need a monthly gym subscription if you have your garden to keep you moving. An hour and a half of gardening won’t only keep your garden in shape, but yourself as well.

  1. It lets you grow your own produce.

Are you a fan of organic goods or concerned about pesticides? Growing your own produce ensures that your having fresh and chemical-free fruits and vegetables. When you need veggies, you can just go out into your garden and pick them, or store them in the fridge ready for when you need to use them.

  1. It helps you get fresh air and vitamin D.

Most of us spend all day stuck in indoors, and don’t get much sunlight and air. Doing some garden works is the perfect chance to get outdoors and a healthy dose of fresh air. Though we certainly need to be careful not to get too much sunlight, we still need it for some vitamin D—it helps absorb calcium and keep the bones healthy.


  1. It’s an instant mood booster.

Being in the garden can be an instant mood booster. Seeing all the colourful flowers, listening to the chirping birds, and enjoying the sun and fresh air can be the best therapy when you’re feeling low. So, the next time you’re feeling blue, head outside for some gardening therapy!

  1. It provides gratification.

There’s something really gratifying about gardening. You get to see the outcome of all your hard work, and create something visually appealing to further beautify your home. Just imagine how satisfying it is to just sit in your garden and indulge into the colourful sight of your flowers.

Gardening is a great past-time, or can also be a productive hobby; and if you have kids, teach them how to take care of plants and let them reap the benefits of home gardening as well.

Weeding A Corner of the Vegetable Garden