A Guide to Buying a Dinnerware Set

Are you moving into your own apartment in Singapore or are you looking to add more items to your kitchen collection for use or display? Knowing the differences of the different types of dinnerware will help you how to look for the right pieces to add to your collection. Dinnerware Sets If you buy a […]

5 Picture-Worthy Places in Singapore

Travels and even everyday routines don’t go about without a snapshot or two. There is always that picture-worthy angle, that good shot we all want to capture. Singapore, with all its other perks, offers just the right infrastructures to pepper our feeds with like-hoarding photos. 1. Orchard Gateway Bridge Built on April 26, 2014, this […]

What Happens During a Newborn Screening

Parents want only the best for their child. That is why it’s best to prepare early during pregnancy. But even then, some disorders can only be detected after the child is born. That’s where newborn screening comes in. Benefits of Newborn Screening Newborn testing determines the harmful or potentially life-threatening diseases not noticeable at birth. […]

Alcoholic Drinks from Asia You Have to Try

Posted on April 4, 2018 by in Drinks

Humans will make booze out of anything if it’s possible. The diversity of alcoholic drinks in Asia alone will drown the most experienced drinker in happiness. Here are some that you need to try. Toddy or Kalu Toddy is a drink from fermented palm sap. It should be consumed while young because aging toddy will […]

What is Anaphylaxis?

Although rare, anaphylaxis has claimed lives of a lot of people. It is a severe allergic reaction that affects more than one part of the person’s body. The trigger might be one of the following: insect stings, food, latex and medication. The best way to avoid it is to stay away from whatever triggers the […]