Dealing with Phone Interviews  

So we decided to study outside Singapore. We took care of the requirements and we passed the initial screening but when we found out that we need to undergo a phone interview as a final requirement, we suddenly went cold.


Interviews make us nervous but we have to deal with it if we are really serious about studying outside. The first thing that we have to do is relax and prepare for the interview. We have to remember that this is the last hurdle in our application and then we are off.

Here are some tips that we can consider:


  1. Be natural: Because we are on the phone, we have many materials that we can consider. We can even write our own script and read it. However, schools need our sincerity. As much as possible, we have to sound natural not like we rehearsed it.
  2. Be organized: The only thing that we can do is anticipate the questions and collate the summary of information about ourselves.
  3. Expect roadblocks: The school will probably suggest a Skype interview. If they require video chat, we have to make sure that we move to a location with the best network connection. If we are having difficulties deciphering English and accents, we have to be honest about it.
  4. Do not leap: When we are asked, we tend to leap thereby giving a wrong answer. Maybe it is the pressure that hastens us to answer but it will not work. If we stutter, it is crucial that we talk slowly but surely.