How to Make Homemade Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


You love apples and it is time that you take it to the next level. You have to make homemade organic cider vinegar this time and be amazed of the plenty things it can actually do not only in your household but also in your overall wellness. Singaporeans should know the benefits of apple cider vinegar.


What are some uses of apple cider vinegar? Apple cider vinegar is an excellent cleaner not to mention a weed killer. It does not stop there because it can serve as odor neutralizer, diabetes prevention, weight loss, detox, cholesterol and the like. Now that you know how it can help you, you have to proceed with the making of homemade organic apple cider vinegar. Here’s how you can make homemade organic apple cider vinegar:

Prepare the materials needed

The average preparing time is about 5 minutes but if you are talking about the whole process, it would take you two to three months before actually using it. You need to secure ingredients like apples, sugar and filtered water.


Follow the instructions

Now that you prepared the materials needed, you are now ready. The first thing that you need to do is wash and chop the apples into medium sizes then place them in sterilized jar. The next thing that you need to do is mix the sugar together with one cup of water. The critical point here is to make sure that all apples are covered with water. Before it all ends, make sure to put cloth or paper towel to cover the jar. This is to ensure that nothing can get to it and giving the liquid to breathe. The best storage place is in a warm and dark place for the first three weeks. Again, return the liquid to the jar and cover it again. This time leave it for six weeks.

Additional notes

It is important that you clean and sterilized the jar or any container. When sterilizing, it is crucial that you rinse it well to avoid soap residue which can spoil the apple cider vinegar. You should make sure that apples do not float in the surface for the first few days – they should be submerged in water totally to facilitate thorough fermenting.

If you do not have enough time for this, you can simply buy at the nearest supermarket but where is the fun in that, right? If you made it, you know the quality and you will be sure that it is really organic.