Mobile Apps to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution

You greeted 2018 with a slew of resolutions and a fresh resolve that it’ll be the year that you accomplish your lofty goals. There’s a major hang-up though: New Year’s resolutions are always easier said than done. While we can’t guarantee that this will be the year you accomplish all your goals, we’ll give some tools that’ll make sticking with your resolutions as easy and simple as possible.

For Health- or Fitness-Related Resolutions

• Strava. If performing cardio exercises is your plan for 2018, then this app is perfect for you. Aside from being an exercise app, Strava is also a GPS tracker that provides you with biking and running routes and lets you share them with your fellow app users. Not will you find better routes, you’ll also stay motivated by seeing how far other people have gone.

• Nike+ Training Club. Want to start a strength training exercise but don’t know where to start? If so, then keep Nike+ Training Club app in your phone. Depending on your goal, you can use the app to sign up in a four-week workout program designed by Nike trainers and share your progress with your fellow app users.

For Diet-Related Resolutions

• Fooducate. Unlike other diet-related apps that only focus in counting calories, Fooducate helps in determining if you’re eating a balanced meal and getting you the fuel you need for your workout routines. With this app, you can scan barcodes, choose recipes, and monitor what you eat sans that stress of counting calories.

• How to Cook Everything. If your goal this 2017 is to cook more at home, then look no further than this app. Think of it as an interactive cookbook, complete with links and other resources if you’re unsure about how a particular technique is performed. It’s even loaded with healthy recipes to choose from, and it’s quite easy to make healthy substitutions using the app.

For Self-Improvement Resolutions

• DuoLingo. 2017 could be the year that you learn a new language using an app like DuoLingo. The app’s simple, but highly visual lessons use techniques that make learning a new language easy. Becoming fluent with a particular language is almost impossible if you haven’t spent any time in its native country, but DuoLingo will certainly help bring you up to a functioning level right before your next trip.

• GiveGab. In search for volunteer opportunities near your area? Then GiveGab is for you. Whether you want to give back during your trip or want to commit to something long-term, this app will sort volunteer locations and categories for you.

Standing by your New Year’s resolution can be quite difficult but by keeping these apps in your phone, sticking with your resolutions will certainly be easier and simpler.