Setbacks that Keep You from Becoming Great


Not all Singaporeans are happy and that is normal. There are things in life that make us unhappy – setbacks. These setbacks will keep us from becoming great. There will come a time that you will feel stuck and frustrated. Sometimes you also feel that you are entirely dissatisfied of what your life has become.


You are not alone. Maybe most Singaporeans feel trapped it is just that not all are vocal about it. Setbacks can be seen as a negative or positive thing. If you think of the worse, you will see setbacks are humps that will make your life uncomfortable. If you are a positive thinker, you will see setbacks as opportunities for growth.

It is time that you identify setbacks that keep you from becoming great so you can return to your former glory.

You do not understand yourself

You should know yourself better more than anyone else in the world. If you do not understand yourself, you are like a broken-winged bird. If you just take time knowing yourself better, you will realize that you have an ocean of skills you need to make you happy.

Your perspective

Another setback that keeps you from becoming great is your perspective. Thousands of people hold back because of fear. Fear will dictate your decision and that is a big hindrance in your life. Once you change your perspective or mindset, things can be clearer and it can make a difference at the end of the day. Start talking to yourself and encourage it. You deserve this life and nothing can keep you away from it.


You are not sure of what you want

Talk about getting lost. You are not sure of what you want and that is completely normal. Many people lose their way once in a while but the important thing here is you do your best to retreat your steps back and see where it went wrong then nudge yourself in the right decision. Remember that if you set vague ideals and dreams, it will take time to discover what you really want and that is a waste of your precious time.

You are in the wrong crowd

It is crucial that you are in the right crowd at the onset however things can be a little messy sometimes. Life will try you and send you in the wrong crowd. Remember that you are influenced by the people around. This is the reason why you should choose your crowd carefully.