The Risks of Hoverboards


Many Singaporeans call it hoverboards, some call it balance boards. Whatever you call it, these are lithium battery powered personal transportation devices. These futuristic looking skateboards are popular gifts and must-have these holidays.  However, no matter how desirable and appealing they look, authorities are warning the consumers of its potential risks.

Actually, the Singapore Airlines (SIA) already informed the passengers that hoverboards are not allowed as carry-on and check-in baggage. According to SIA, they are only complying with the strict rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA believes that lithium batteries, which form part of hoverboards, are considered “dangerous goods”.

What makes hoverboards dangerous? Here are some risks:

It can cause fire

In America, there are plenty of hoverboard-related incidents. The most prevalent is fires. Many households suffer fire because of hoverboards. Authorities there are still determining the cause of fire in relation to hoverboards. To prevent fires, you should be wary. Experts heavily advise that you should not charge hoverboards overnight or when you are out of your house. Though causes are not yet determined, one thing is certain – most fire accidents happened during the charging stage. This can save you a lot of trouble. To ensure that the product is authentic, you have to buy from reputable online stores and shops. Avoid buying from unfamiliar websites and kiosks.


It can cause injury

Hoverboards are simple looking transportation devices but it takes balance and will to operate it. In America, many emergency room visits were noted because of hoverboards. General injuries were noted like falls, head trauma and arm trauma – suddenly it is like learning how to ride a bicycle or skateboarding all over again. To lessen injuries if not avoid it, you need to gear up like you would when you are still learning how to ride a bicycle or skateboard. You should procure helmet, knee pads and elbow pads to be sure. Do not underestimate this little device by not wearing any protection. To avoid untoward incident, buy authentic hoverboards. Look for the seal of approval and search for the manufacturer’s details.

Personal transportation devices gained popularity these days. Before hoverboards, there were electric segways, electric bicycles, uniwheels and electric scooters. As long as there is lithium content, there will always be potential risks. The best way to avoid this is not to purchase it at all and if it can’t be helped, at least do not leave the full discretion to your kids because it might harm them.