Things to Get for Your Newborn Baby

Babies grow up so fast and their needs change within months, but you still need basic items to make the first several weeks comfortable for you and your baby. Here are the essentials for your newborn.

1. Crib and Crib Sheets. Although a newborn can’t move much, the baby still has to have a sleeping area eventually. Most cribs come with safety features, storage areas, toys and a foam mattress or innerspring.

2. Thin Cotton Blankets. Buy at least three cotton blankets. They could also be used as burp cloths.

3. Waterproof Mattress Protector. If the crib doesn’t have a mattress protector yet, you will need to get one to avoid fluids soaking through the cushions. It’s easier to clean too.

4. Dresser and Changing Table. Keep all necessary items within easy reach. A simple dresser will do because a newborn will only need a few items. You must also have a cushioned area to change your baby’s diapers.

5. Nursing Supplies. Breastfeeding mothers should have the following: breast pump, nursing pillow, milk containers, nursing bras (one cup size larger than your pregnant bra), breast pads, and lotion for cracked and sore nipples.

6. Feeding Bottles. Whether you’re using baby formula or breast milk, you should have at least six or eight four-ounce and eight-ounce bottles. You will also need a bottle-cleaning brush and a bottle carrier.

7. Cotton Bibs. Bibs keep the drool and spills off the baby’s clothes. Make sure to buy more than two bibs.

8. Packs of Diapers. Most parents pick disposable diapers while others prefer cloth diapers. Whatever you choose, make sure you have a good disposal system.

9. Wipes and Ointment. Use the wipes whenever you change your baby’s diapers. Then protect the baby’s tender skin against diaper rash with ointment or powder.

10. Washcloths and Towels. A newborn’s skin is tender so there are towels specially made for their skin. There are also hooded towels to wrap your baby in after a bath.

11. Infant Tub. It’s not safe to hold the baby up with one arm only. Choose one of these: foldable, convertible and plastic tubs.

12. Baby Wash and Shampoo. There are mild formula made for baby’s skin. Pick a baby liquid soap instead of a bar for your convenience.

13. First Aid Kit. The kit must have the following items: nail clippers, baby brush, bulb syringe, cotton balls, swabs, thermometer, ointments, bandages, insect repellent, lotion or cream for rashes, cold pack, and electrolyte replacement solution for babies.

14. Clothes. You should have a change of onesies or bodysuits, side-snap shirts or shirt-and-pant sets, sleeping gowns or pajamas, socks or booties, newborn hats, and scratch mittens. Baby’s clothes should be washed using laundry detergent for infants.

15. Stroller or Front Carrier. Pick a reclining stroller so the baby can lie flat. You can also buy a sling so your hands are free to move.

16. Diaper Bag. Whenever you need to go out with your baby, fill the bag with supplies such as diapers, wipes, spare outfit, bottles and formula.