Which Volkswagen Suits Us?  


If we are thinking of cruising the roads of Singapore, at least we have to drive a nice car. This will surely bring us total satisfaction. There are many car manufacturers here– all we need to do is choose.


If in this case we decided to take advantage of Volkswagen Jetta, we should know its price. Volkswagen Jetta has many versions. The three versions of 1.4 TSI models are available here worth $109,000 with COE. These versions are equipped with sixteen inch wheels, basic steering wheel and leather interior. If we are willing to add at least $8,000, we can go for the Highline model.

The model offers additional features like cruise control, automatic headlights and remote controls of the steering wheels. If we want a Sportline version, we should allot $199,300; this is inclusive of COE. The Sportline version boasts of 17 inches wheels with exquisite black interior, DSG transmission and sports suspension.


We can also consider Jetta Sport. The car boasts of 160 bhp and it is considered as the best-selling Volkwagen model in Singapore. Jetta Sport costs $156,300 inclusive of Category B COE. In fact, Jetta Sport accounts for one in ten Volkswagen sold around the world.

All versions mentioned above have electronic stability control and airbags. If this is not enough, we have to look further. Cars are like our soul mate, we have to wait for it and when it is there, we know that it is the right one. We have to be patient, surely the right car will come and cruising is possible.