5 Online Workout Classes that are Worth Trying

Online workout classes are what we run to when we’re too busy to attend our gym classes. Of course, wading through some mediocre workout videos on the Internet is hard – before you know it, you’ve already consumed an hour or two just searching for a good video. But no need to fret, we’ve done […]

6 Healthy Habits You Should Adopt Now

  Staying healthy is more than sticking to an odd diet or doing a regular cleanse. Being healthy is about building a lifestyle around good and smart choices. Start building your healthy foundation now by adopting these seven healthy habits. Start Your Mornings By Drinking Water. One of the best things that you can do […]

5 Tips for Having a Perfect Overseas Trip

Although we love all kinds of trip planning, there’s nothing like the excitement that you get when planning an overseas vacation. Just the thought of immersing to a new culture and disconnecting to all the stresses of the world is already enough to make you pack your bags without thinking twice. That said, spending extra […]

5 Tricks to Fix Your Food Habits

Being stuck in an unhealthy ‘too-tired-to-cook’ and ‘quick-and-easy’ cycle happens even to the best of us, especially when we come home exhausted from work or a long travel, or when we’re just feeling lazy. Sure, dining on fast food is fine every once in a while, but always eating the same processed foods will wreak […]