Dealing with Phone Interviews  

So we decided to study outside Singapore. We took care of the requirements and we passed the initial screening but when we found out that we need to undergo a phone interview as a final requirement, we suddenly went cold. Interviews make us nervous but we have to deal with it if we are really […]

Our Self Defense against Sun Damage  

  Going out here in Singapore is not that safe anymore. Aside from the fortuitous events, we are vulnerable to sun damage. If in this case we are concerned about our skin, we have to make sure that we are cautious when going out since our skin is prone to damage. The good thing is […]

5 Beauty Treatments Every Girl Should Know to Do Herself

  Heading to the salon to get your nails done and bangs trimmed is indeed a luxurious and relaxing experience, but if you’re tight in budget, it’s just not practical. That’s why you need to learn doing simple pampering on your own. You can get it done without spending much—and not to mention without having […]

5 Fool-Proof Tips for Dressing-Up Stylishly for Any Occasion

Knowing exactly what to wear to any given occasion is a fine art. If you often find yourself staring blankly in your closet, wondering what to pull out and put on, these universal styling tips are especially tailored for you. Wear Only One Colour, But Vary the Tones Assembling a monochromatic outfit is a no-brainer, […]