General Car Maintenance Procedures

When the manufacturers tell you about a scheduled maintenance and lubrication, don’t ignore these. These are the secrets to keeping your car running for as high as six-figure mileages. They will also recommend which type and formula of oil, liquids and grease should be used for the car. In fact it shouldn’t come as a […]

Healthiest Food for Breakfast

  If you are the type that cannot go without breakfast, it is crucial that you know several healthy options. This is to ensure that your day will be as energetic and productive as it started. If despite eating breakfast you still feel sluggish or lethargic, it is time that you evaluate your breakfast choices […]

Foods for Lactose Intolerant People

  You may not know about lactose intolerance but this condition is prevalent here in Singapore and around the globe. Lactose actually refers to the sugar found in all milk and dairy products. To digest this kind of sugar, the small intestine will produce lactase. Lactase will break down lactose into forms that the body […]