4-Step Guide in a DIY Brow Shaping

There are several beauty procedures that are best left to the professionals. But if there’s one procedure that we’d encourage you to do on your own, it would be brow grooming. Yes, the results can become disastrous if you’re not careful enough, but learning how to properly groom your brows at home will save you both time and money, without sacrificing your look. So arm yourself with some good quality tweezers and start shaping your brows using these four easy rules.


  1. Tweeze After Showering. Pinching your skin while grabbing your stray brow hairs is a sure-fire way to make tweezing hurt and leave unsightly red marks. Instead, tweeze your brows right after you’ve stepped out of the shower. The warm water opens your hair follicles and pores, making it easier to pluck stray hairs off your skin without much effort or pulling.
  1. Use the Right Tweezers. When it comes to brow shaping, not just any tweezers will do. Make sure that you use a slanted edge tweezer instead of the pointed one for a more precise brow shaping. Although it can be a bit tough to use if you’re a non-professional, this tweezer will surely give you the results that you want.


  1. Establish Your Brow Shaping Goals. If you’re serious about pursuing your DIY tweezing process, then it’s important that you do it with a firm mission of enhancing your arch, cleaning up stray brow hairs, and not turning your brows into something they’re not. Trust us, getting creative in shaping your brows will only lead to over-plucking and you won’t love the results you’ll get.
  1. Avoid Using a Magnifying Mirror When Tweezing. You may find it helpful, but a magnifying mirror can actually be your worst beauty enemy. Using a magnifying mirror while shaping your brows will only lead to over-tweezing. Instead, opt for a regular lighted mirror to get a clearer look on what you’re doing and be sure to pull away from it every minute to see if you’re shaping your brows correctly.

Performing a DIY brow shaping can be tricky at first, but as you get the hang of it, you’ll surely be able to tweeze your brows like a pro and get the perfectly shaped brows that you want.