5 Fool-Proof Tips for Dressing-Up Stylishly for Any Occasion

Knowing exactly what to wear to any given occasion is a fine art. If you often find yourself staring blankly in your closet, wondering what to pull out and put on, these universal styling tips are especially tailored for you.

Sukilynn Photography

  1. Wear Only One Colour, But Vary the Tones

Assembling a monochromatic outfit is a no-brainer, but you can make it look more dynamic by mixing in dark and light versions of your chosen shade. Put the variations into good use for a more figure flattery look: darker tones fro minimizing effect and lighter tones to draw in attention.

  1. When In Doubt, Define the Waist

No matter what style you’re going for, cinching the waistline instantly slims down your figure. Find a silhouette that works best for your shape—be it an empire ct or an A-line dress; or for a quick and universal fix, add a belt to a voluminous dress to counteract the roomy effect.

  1. Style Around Your Kicks

One of the strategic ways to get a polished look? Start styling from the bottom. If you’re expecting to do a lot of running during the day, by all means wear flats—a stylish pair of flats. Then, work your way up by picking a complementing bottom and top or a dress to go along with your dressy shoes. Picking great footwear first, instead of having them as after-thought, ensures that you’ll be put together from head to toe.


  1. Tastefully Mix Feminine with Masculine

A creative mash-up of tomboy and lady-like elements creates a look neither too tough nor to delicate. Pick feminine pieces made of menswear textiles or go for more masculine-looking pair of trousers pairing it with delicate silk top.

  1. Go for Volume to Slim Down

Voluminous pieces have minimizing effect. Slenderize rounder hips by pairing a fitted top with fuller skirt, or shrink large bust by wearing boxy style blouse and slim-fit bottoms. The narrow lines look as if they continue underneath the puffier pieces.

These are just a few tips to kick your fashion styling up a notch. However, as a general rule, take into account the time of the day, nature of the event, and of course your comfort when dressing up for any occasion. Heed these tips for an improved style and confidence, and to bring out the sassy gal in you.