5 Online Shopping Hacks for Scouring the Best Deals


Online retailers are becoming more and more creative with their offers to score big with consumers. However, if you’re a smart shopper or just looking for major discounts, try using these five smart tips the next time you shop online.

  1. Go Shopping At the Right Day

No matter how tempting it is to spend your lazy weekends browsing around various online shopping sites, don’t purchase just yet. Most online retailers roll out special deals and discounts on Wednesdays and Thursdays. However, according to survey, Tuesday is the best day to shop for computers and laptops since many giant tech companies like Dell send out coupon codes on Tuesdays. Saturday is bookworm’s special day as Amazon and numerous online bookstores target readers who love to spend the weekend with a good book.

  1. Use Multiple Coupons at Once

Although not all websites allow this, there are still many out there that lets you combine promo codes for bigger savings. For instance, you have 20% exclusive discount and a holiday coupon for 10%, plus a coupon code to slash S$10 off the total amount. Use the discounts first, and then dig more savings with your S$10 discount code.

  1. Haggle With the Customer Representative

Just discovered a good coupon at your email only to realize it has expired yesterday? Fret not! Call the hotline and request if they can extend your coupon as you are about to place an order. Usually, sales representatives are interested in closing deals and will either extend your coupon or provide you with a new one. It may not always work, yet it’s worth trying.

  1. Ask for Discount Refunds

Say you’ve just purchased an item yesterday, and saw this morning it was on sale for 20% off. Frustrating, right? However, some retailers will refund the price difference when you contact them within a certain number of days. For example, Abercrombie.com and Gap will refund you if you notify them within 14 days from the date of purchase. There are also some credit cards that provide price protection service. This service, no matter where you shop, will refund you if the price drops within a certain number of days.

  1. Abandon Your Cart

Sign in to your account, shop around and then abandon your cart for a day. Firstly, this is to avoid making impulse purchases, and secondly to get special promo codes as retailers will try to retain you and close the deal. This may not apply to all online retail outlets, but at least you’ll have enough time to think it through to save yourself from buyer’s remorse.

Online shopping is fast and easy, but can also be expensive. Since we all want to get a bang for our buck, these shopping tips should be able to help you score the best online deals.