5 Tricks to Fix Your Food Habits

Being stuck in an unhealthy ‘too-tired-to-cook’ and ‘quick-and-easy’ cycle happens even to the best of us, especially when we come home exhausted from work or a long travel, or when we’re just feeling lazy. Sure, dining on fast food is fine every once in a while, but always eating the same processed foods will wreak havoc both on your body and your wallet. Luckily, you can easily fix this bad habit with just the following tricks.


  1. Identify the Problem. One of the best ways to get out of a food rut is to recognize your problem first. Think of the things that are pushing you to continue with your bad habits, and how you can possibly put an end to that habit. For example, instead of regularly stopping by your favourite coffee shop to get your cup of joe, wake up earlier and cook a healthy breakfast with a homebrewed coffee. You’ll see that you’ll be more satisfied with your homemade breakfast and coffee.


  1. Do a Little Research on Nutrition. Nothing beats watching good health and food documentaries in making you want to change your lifestyle. So if you’re more than ready to ditch your food rut baggage, then research on some good food and nutrition tips. Also, look into your family history to see if there are any traces of certain illnesses. Doing this will let you know what foods you should be eating to keep you healthy.


  1. Create a Daily Routine. Coming up with a healthy routine is another great way to keep your fast food cravings at bay. You can do this either by cooking your own meal or attending a fitness class. If you want, you can set reminders on your phone to maintain the routine and keep your fitness goals in check. In my case, I enlisted a friend to keep me in check and hold me accountable if I missed a workout session, or skipped on making meals at home.


  1. Incorporate Healthier Foods in Your Diet. Another good way fix your food rut habit is to add healthy foods in your meals. Find ways on how you can make your habits healthier like drinking water or tea instead of coffee. If you want, you can also try some lifestyle changes, but do consult your doctor first if you plan on taking some dietary changes.


  1. Prepare Your Meals Beforehand. If time is your issue, then spend the night before to prepare your meals for the following days. Refusing fast food will now be easier given that you brought a packed lunch with you. For your lunch, prepare salads that are filled with protein and veggies.

Falling into a food rut is easy, but fixing it is actually easier. So keep these five easy tricks in mind to successfully ditch your bad food habits and develop a healthier lifestyle.