5 Tricks to Maximize Bathroom Space

Everybody loves having extra space in the bathroom, but sometimes, adding another square footage isn’t an option. Instead, use several design techniques and principles, and some visual tricks to give a rather expansive feeling to your small bathroom space.


  1. Use Shelves or Side Tables. Instead of throwing them out, use your old shelves or table drawers as a storage for your bulky bathroom items like towels and supplies. By strategically placing it in your bathroom, you’ll be able to have a freestanding sink sans a space-consuming countertop.


  1. Opt for Smaller, Decorative Containers. Placing jumbo-sized product bottles of your hand soap and lotion on your sink will surely eat up some space in your countertop area. To save extra space, dispense your bathing products into smaller and more decorative containers like the hotel toiletry containers that you brought home. Not only will it save some space, it’ll also make your products look neat.


  1. Bring Out Hand and Face Towels. When it comes to storing hand and face towels, the best trick is to either fold or roll them, and place them in baskets standing up. If you want your guest to use them, don’t forget to provide a hamper where they can place the towels they used.


  1. Switch Out Shower Curtains With Glass Doors. To open up your shower area, switch your shower curtains with clear glass doors. This will make the shower area part of the entire bathroom, making the space look roomier.


  1. Opt for Basket and Box Storages. They may not look like it, but sturdy storage boxes are very versatile in bathrooms. You can simply pile them up to make a vertical storage, or use them to hide your extra toiletries and magazines. Plus, you can just even shove them under your sink to further maximize your bathroom space.


  1. Try Out Indirect Lighting. If your bathroom doesn’t have natural light, then you may want to try using recessed lighting. This kind of lighting is unobtrusive, and won’t bring your bathroom ceiling down. Plus, it can be placed on any area that you want and focus on a particular task area.

We all love spacious bathrooms. Not only does it give us more room to move in, a bigger bathroom also provides a more relaxing and spa-like feeling. So start maximizing your bathroom space now using the aforementioned tricks, and get the spa-like experience you’ve always wanted.