A Guide to Avoiding Fresh-Graduate Financial Crisis

Graduation is a point in your life where you feel accomplished. You get excited about work, the future and life in general. However, reality eventually hits you as you walk out after a job interview. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to land an internship position or even your dream job in just a few tries – but more often than not, luck won’t be on your side and your student loans will start piling up. So how will you be able to avoid a financial crisis before it’s too late? Read on to find out.


  1. Remember that your first job shouldn’t be your safety net.

A lot of people make this mistake repeatedly. They think that the first job they landed is their safety net, and even assume that it’s the perfect reflection of their identity – when it’s really not. As a fresh graduate, keep in mind that opportunities are everywhere so don’t assume that your first job is your safety net. Give yourself the freedom to explore into the workforce world.

Also, remember that saving and investing is a lot better than simply purchasing material items. Getting car instalments and credit cards will only add up to your current debt. Living a simple lifestyle would be the best way to ensure your financial security.

  1. Love isn’t going to pay your bills or debts.

Love is definitely a beautiful thing shared between two people – and after a few years, we often feel the need to commit to one another for better or worse. Unfortunately, a lot of fresh graduates make the mistake of being engaged as soon as they’re out of the university. These couples often fail to realize that a key part in committing to marital life or creating a family is financial stability.


Remember that love can’t be used to pay for your bills or debts, but it can surely wait. If you feel that he or she is the right one for you, encourage them on their path towards self-development; let them achieve great accomplishments and if you’re already confident with your financial stability, you can already tie the knot. This will ensure that you and your future family will be able to avoid any financial problem in the later years of your marriage.

  1. Understand that this is the perfect age to take risks.

Being a fresh graduate is the most ideal time to take risks, but fear and hesitation often prevent most of us to take that leap of faith. We choose to stay in a job that frustrates us, spend hours scrolling through the monitor to look for new opportunities, but never making any move.

As a fresh graduate, you’re not bound by unavoidable circumstances and responsibilities. You get to go on the journey of trial and error and learn from your mistakes. Eventually, the risks that you took will give you the freedom to ensure your financial stability.

As a fresh graduate, take your time to navigate through this new realm of independence. Ponder on these tips and you’ll definitely become the financially stable and independent individual that you want to be.