Best Dog Breeds for Your Kids  


As the saying goes, “dogs are man’s best friends”. However, you don’t have to be a full-grown man to enjoy the company of a dog because, with most adults and parents today being busy at work, children are the ones that usually hang out with a furry friend. But not all dogs are ideal friends for your kids because they don’t all appeal well to how kids play. Hence, here are what we believe are the best children’s dogs.


  1. Mixed Breeds

Instead of going to the local pet store, you should try to go to your town’s dog pound and adopt an abandoned dog. Most mixed breeds are mild-mannered and friendly because they’re used to living on their own. These dogs should be ideal for your kids.


  1. American Staffordshire Terrier

Also known as the Am-Staff, these dogs are very loyal and friendly to their adoptive families. Therefore, it won’t be very difficult to integrate them to your family’s lifestyle and to the kids of course.


  1. Newfoundland

These giants are extremely mild-mannered and very friendly. They are ideal protectors for your kids and also the ideal workhorse for playtime.


  1. Golden Retriever

Retrievers have always been some of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are extremely loyal and love to play because they tend to be active for most of the day. They are also considered as some of the best dogs to play fetch with.


  1. Dalmatian

If you’ve seen the 101 Dalmatians film, you’ll understand why this breed is a favorite among families with kids because they are energetic, active, intelligent, and loyal.


  1. Labrador Retriver

The Lab has consistently topped the charts when it comes to the world’s best dog breeds. Labradors are some the more intelligent dogs in the world. Like their Golden cousins, they are also loyal and active making them ideal for playtime.


  1. French Mastiff

They don’t look very friendly but they are very affectionate towards their family. They are ideal companions because they are very calm and mild-mannered while staying loyal as well.


  1. Mastiff

Like their French counterparts, they are very affectionate and fond with people especially children. The best thing about them is that, even though they love people, they tend to attack strangers when they feel like the family is threatened.


  1. Old English Sheepdog

Extremely furry and cuddly, they are ideal for snuggling. Despite their cute appearance, they are work dogs and have been bred to herd sheep. This makes them very energetic and playful.


  1. Boxer

Boxers have always been a popular breed for children because they enjoy the attention and the company of kids. Like your little ones, they enjoy a lot of playtime and need to be active for most of the day to retain their energetic demeanor.