Easy and Simple Steps to Sweat-Proof Your Eyebrows

Maintaining good brows are absolutely critical in pulling any makeup look together, be it a low-key or a majorly dramatic look. But what’s the point of spending so much time grooming and filling your brows if they’ll just melt off midday? Surely, your brows are the last thing you’d want to see being melted away […]

Back With a Vengeance!

5 Reasons Your Pimples Keep Coming Back Experiencing acne problems can be miserable, and what’s worse is when the pesky pimple keeps coming back with a vengeance. Just when you thought that you’ve finally gotten rid of your acne problem, another one pops up and the cycle continues. The good thing is, you no longer […]

4-Step Guide in a DIY Brow Shaping

There are several beauty procedures that are best left to the professionals. But if there’s one procedure that we’d encourage you to do on your own, it would be brow grooming. Yes, the results can become disastrous if you’re not careful enough, but learning how to properly groom your brows at home will save you […]