Best Mobile Apps for Planning Your Next Weekend Getaway

Whether you’re taking the skies or hitting the road this travel season, you could do well with having a digital companion to ensure that your tickets are all lined up and to help you plan out your itinerary. So next time you have some time to kill while on a public transportation or while waiting […]

4 Ways to Outsmart Hotels and Save a Lot

  When it comes to booking an accommodation, know that you have the advantage. Hotels are permanent fixtures, meaning they can’t change location and they rely so much on foot traffic. You, on the other hand, always have the choice to walk around and inquire at nearby competing hotels. And with just a few searches […]

Fancy a Child-Free Flight?

  From Singapore, it will take you 18 ½ hours to reach Los Angeles. You want nothing but a peaceful and convenient flight because it is indeed a long one. There is nothing wrong with that. You can demand peace, quiet and convenience because in the first place you paid for it. But you were […]

What to Put In Your Carry-on Bag

  As much as possible, you should travel light with only a backpack as your carry-on. If it cannot be helped, you need a larger luggage and have it checked in. You should know restricted items so you will not suffer hours of interrogation, delay or worse, detention at the airport. You know better than […]