Easy and Simple Steps to Sweat-Proof Your Eyebrows

Maintaining good brows are absolutely critical in pulling any makeup look together, be it a low-key or a majorly dramatic look. But what’s the point of spending so much time grooming and filling your brows if they’ll just melt off midday? Surely, your brows are the last thing you’d want to see being melted away by your sweat, so we came up with a three-step solution on how you can possibly banish eyebrow sweat issues altogether.


  1. Start With Waterproof Eyebrow Products. Going with waterproof brow products will definitely make your quest to avoid sweaty and smudged brow a lot easier. Any brow product that claims they’re waterproof or contains water-resistant properties are your best bets for this purpose. Although you’ll need to take it a few steps further, laying in your brow grooming foundation with waterproof pencils, markers or gels is the best way to start the battle.
  1. Set it With a Waterproof Mascara. Once your colours are firmly in place, follow up your grooming process by combing a clear waterproof mascara over your brows to give it another layer of hold. This will act as a barrier between your sweat and your perfectly filled-in brows, making it look virtually smudge-proof. Just remember to choose a product that dries easily to avoid giving your brows any unnatural shiny effect. Go for products like that of ULTA’s Raincoat Waterproof Mascara.


  1. Finish With a Finishing Spray. Always remember this: No makeup will be complete without giving it a strong spritz of a finishing spray. This will pretty much guarantee that your makeup, including your perfectly filled-in eyebrows, won’t melt away and go anywhere. For the best finishing spray choice, try out COOLA’s SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray. Not only will it protect your makeup throughout the day, it’ll also provide a decent amount of sun protection for your face.

Ending your day with smudged brows can be very frustrating. So ensure that your perfectly filled-in eyebrows are always on point and won’t melt away with your sweat by following this three-step formula.