Fun Holiday Traditions for the Whole Family


Christmas in Singapore is a grand celebration that provides locals an excuse to shop and eat more. But aside from those, Christmas is also a favourite time of the year to get together with the family. To give your holiday celebration a whole meaning, here are some holiday traditions that your family will surely appreciate more than any stocking stuffer.


  1. Deck the Halls

What better way to combine good old-fashioned holiday tradition with exercise than decorating the house with Christmas lights and ornaments? With an hour of decking the halls, you can burn 250 calories. Just make sure to let the kids have the easier ground words while the adults tackle the ladder works.

  1. Go Carolling

You’re outside, singing and having fun with the important people of your life—when it comes to fun holiday traditions, nothing beats the good old-fashioned carolling. Not only are you having fun, you’re also raising others’ holiday spirits. Anything where you’re outdoors and enjoying other people’s company is a good and festive way to celebrate Christmas.

  1. Bake Delicious Treats

Holiday traditions always involve baking and giving away homemade cookies, breads, and cakes. Take your cooking to the next level by doing simple swaps to come up with healthier treats. Go online and search for healthy holiday recipes. Many of these recipes do an excellent job in replicating some of our holiday favourites. Taking the extra time to experiment new recipes will let you enjoy your holiday goodies without feeling guilty.


  1. Treat the Furry Friends

According to a legend regarding Jesus Christ’s birth, God granted the animals in the manger to give praise for the holy child’s birth. Today’s modern families put their own spin on this popular legend by leaving treats out for pets and neighbourhood wildlife.

  1. Holiday Reading

Spend the holiday nights with the family by reliving your favourite holiday classics. Check out your local library or bring out those timeless tales and let the kids take turns in reading their favourite stories. We can already see the family cozying up on stories like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Visit from St. Nicholas, and The Wild Christmas Reindeer.

Whatever tradition your family is having this year, remember to relax and just enjoy the season. Rest assured everyone—from the kids to the grannies—will remember the memories you make more than any material gifts they receive.