Google’s Consumer Barometer  


We use the internet and our smartphones all the time. In fact, internet and smartphones are an integral part of our life that without it, our tasks will not be complete. We accept the big role of internet and smartphone in our lives but not to the point of getting addicted to it.


Speaking of internet and smartphone, Google recently released a global research that found a lot of things. The research was conducted across fifty six countries. The study is called Consumer Barometer. Consumer Barometer is a tool that can help us understand and comprehend how people use internet. There are different selections of the research. The research is as follows:

  • Number of connected devices per person: This specific research is telling us that more devices are used per person. The highest penetration goes to Netherlands with an average device of 3.5 per person. The next is Australia and United Kingdom with an average of 3.1 devices per person followed by Canada (with an average device of 3 per person) and United States (with an average of 2.9 devices per person).
  • Smartphone usage: Smartphone usage is increasing especially here in Singapore. In fact, the Singapore logged the highest penetration of smartphone with 85% followed by China, 70%, United Kingdom with 68%, Australia 66% and United States 57%.
  • Frequency of Internet Usage: Internet use is also increasing every day. Japan has the highest penetration with 95% internet usage followed by South Korea with 93%, Canada with 89%, China and United Kingdom with 85% and Australia with 84%.


  • Social Media Usage: The highest concentration of media usage goes to Turkey with 92% followed by Argentina 86%, Brazil 84%, China 83%, Russia 73%, United Kingdom and United States 72% and Canada with 71%.
  • Online Purchase – Clothing and Footwear: Many people purchase things online. According to the study, South Korea has the highest penetration of online purchase with 75% followed by China with 52%, United Kingdom with 49%, Germany with 42% and Poland with 35%.
  • Online Research: The country with the highest online research goes to South Korea with 83% followed by Vietnam with 75%, Hong Kong with 74%, China with 69%, Brazil with 66% and Argentina with 59%.
  • Use of Smartphone in the Purchase Journey: Smartphone research in purchasing journey is particularly high here in Asia. The leading country is South Korea with 43% penetration followed by Vietnam with 30%, China with 29%, Mexico with 22%, Australia with 17% and United Kingdom with 14%.
  • Online Research prior to Offline TV purchase: People first research online before purchasing television. The country with the highest number of people who will research first before purchasing television goes to Germany with 73% followed by Hungary with 71%, United Kingdom with 68%, United States with 66% and Australia with 64%.