How to Revive Romance in Your Relationship

Some couples just find themselves going on separate directions because they have forgotten to nurture their relationship. We may feel giddy and enthusiastic during the early stage of the romance but these emotions quickly fade away as time passes by. It is therefore important for couples to take care of their relationship by rekindling their romance from time to time. Rekindling intimacy is a responsibility that couples should take to heart. Thankfully, it’s an enjoyable one. How about going to the romantic spots in Singapore to get a romantic inspiration from?

bring the romance back

Go on romantic escapades

You may find yourselves both busy at work and burdened by the daily grind of life so going on a romantic escapade every once in a while may be a brilliant idea long overdue. This will not only give each of you that much needed break and rest from the stress of work but it will also revive the romance in your relationship. This will give you enough quality bonding time where you can have intimate conversations and create new unforgettable memories together.

Give surprise presents

Giving an unexpected surprise present for no occasion can make your partner’s day. It’s not really about the gift itself but cliché as it sounds, it’s really the thought that counts. Your partner will be touched to receive something unexpected and will feel spoiled. This is an even better idea if you notice your partner feeling particular down or not so good that day. Your partner will simply think you’re an angel.


Cook a special meal

Stomach is the way to a man’s heart – or to a woman’s heart. Going out on dinner dates is romantic especially during the early stage in the relationship but it loses out its romance the longer you are in the relationship. The trick is to prepare a special meal for your partner. You may cook your partner’s favorite dishes then touch it up with some candle lights and gourmet setup. It’s even better if you just let your partner walk in the room without expecting anything and watch as your partner’s face lights up upon seeing your little surprise.

Pull a romantic surprise

How you revive the romance in your relationship is really dependent on yours and your partner’s personalities. Some romantic partners may really love it if you pull off some romantic surprise like sprinkling petals of roses on the floor of the house leading to your bedroom. Or maybe creating a specially made placard with all the reasons why you love your partner.