How to Shop Wisely


In Singapore, the working class looks forward to payday – wherein after the bills and utilities have been paid, one goes to shopping. Most people find shopping therapeutic – may it be for clothes, for furniture and other things. This is one activity wherein one’s heart races at the sight of the things that one has been setting her eyes on.


Sometimes though, one tends to do impulsive shopping which consequently leads to regretting the purchases later on. On the other hand, shopping wisely will give one a sense of fulfillment, knowing that money has been put to good value. Here are simple tips to follow in doing such:

  1. Set the budget. When you want to buy something, you must save up for it. But how much? Only you can know how much you can allot for a certain purchase. Be realistic and practical in setting the budget. Just remember to never compromise the quality of what you intend to buy – both for needs and wants!


  1. Be thorough. Take time in choosing your furniture or your shoes or any other thing no matter how trivial it may seem. Always bear in mind that these are investments and that your hard-earned money must be spent in good investments. Scout different shops that offer and sell the products that you need and/or want. Sometimes, Singapore shops with the same brand vary with prices. Of course, you’d prefer where you can save, right?


  1. Read up reviews. With the expansion of social media, almost anything can be searched with just one click. Relevant reviews are often seen on the internet. While these are not a hundred percent reliable, these will be able to guide you in choosing your final purchase. If you happen to chance upon a review of someone you know, you can actually ask the person about it. That way, you will have the idea on details which is critical in your selection.


  1. Double check quality. When you have finally narrowed your choices, double-check the quality. Be sure to scrutinize the actual product for damages or factory defects. Be observant and take your time in examining the products. After all, you will be the one using it.

Shopping wisely develops logical thinking and practicality. Your critical-mindedness will likewise be enhanced as you deal with from budget allocation to the weighing of pros and cons. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy shopping with these at the back of your mind. Shopping induces happy hormones and exercises you physically and mentally as well!

Young woman trying on high heel shoes