Our Self Defense against Sun Damage  


Going out here in Singapore is not that safe anymore. Aside from the fortuitous events, we are vulnerable to sun damage. If in this case we are concerned about our skin, we have to make sure that we are cautious when going out since our skin is prone to damage.

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The good thing is that there are many precautions that we can consider to protect our skin. We have to remember that we have only one skin and it is imperative that we take good care of it. The easiest thing to do is consult the dermatologists but if we are concerned of the money, there are readily available products in the market. We have to be careful though.

If we do not know what to consider, here are some things:

  • Featherweight: This is a watery fluid and it feels weightless on the skin. What’s good about this is it leaves no trace of shin for many hours. It does not end there because it has a scent of floral. This is good fir oily-prone skinned girls who desperately want to avoid the shine caused by other heavy-formulated sunscreens.
  • Ray of light: For women with dry skin, this is the best product. What’s good about this is that it is in the form of opaque liquid cream with contents like grape, scutellaria extracts and mulberry extracts. Aside from protecting the skin, it can also boost complexion radiance.


  • Maximum security: For those who want maximum security, we have to choose a sunscreen with whopping SPF. The good news is that the market now offers the highest SPF. What’s good about sunscreens these days is that they are sweat and waterproof products which absorbs and reflects UV rays.
  • Base instinct: This product boasts of a combination of melanin, titanium oxide and zinc oxide which serve as a blocker against sun damage. What’s good about this sunscreen is that it includes lipopetide which is an important collagen stimulating ingredient with vitamin E – a known agent who fights free radicals.
  • White hot: This sunscreen is specifically made for Asian skin. This sunscreen functions as a brightening treatment that can illuminate dull complexion as well as prevent dark spots. What’s good about this sunscreen is that it includes antioxidants.

There you go. Taking care of the skin requires our utmost attention. We should act now before it is too late. We are blessed that there numerous products in the market. It is just a matter of picking the right one and diligently applying it whenever going out. With this, we can surely protect ourselves from sun damage.

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