What are the Different Styles of Electric Cars for Kids?

Kids in Singapore may start asking their parents to buy them an electric car. It won’t be much of a wonder why these ride on toys are such a hit among kids and teenagers. You may still get envious at these kids even if you’re already an adult. You’ll be blown away once you check some of these electric vehicles like electric ATVs and electric dirt bikes which are awesome even for grownups. You might even wish to buy one for your own. Maybe use one at your backyard at the pretense of teaching a kid how to ride on it?



The car types are one of the most popular ride on toys for the kids especially for the very young toddlers. These are low to the ground unlike the bigger SUV styles. There are also many different versions, make, and models to choose from just like the real ones. There are even replicas of luxury cars. Isn’t that just so cool?

Trucks and SUVs

The truck and SUV style are larger and higher ride on toys just like in real life. They are also one of the most popular choices because they can seat two persons. This is great when for siblings or playmates to learn how to share and take turns as driver and passenger.


Adults love driving ATVs whenever on vacation. It’s no surprise that kids love driving on electric ATVs, too. There are electric ATVs available for all age groups starting from the minimum age range of two years old. These electric ATVs are smaller, lighter, and more quiet compared to the gas-powered ATVs.



There are three styles of electric motorcycles for different age groups. The first style is the three-wheeled version. The second style is the two-wheeled version but with training wheels. These two styles are for kids whose parents love motorcycles and want to see their kids riding on their own, too. The third style is just a smaller version of the real motorcycles. These are for older kids who want to start riding on motorcycles. Aside from being smaller, these are also not as fast as the real ones and are consequently also safer.

Farm and Construction Equipment

Some electric cars come in the style of a farm tractor with trailers or loaders. This is a great option for those farmer kids or those living in the countryside. Farmer parents would love to see the miniature version of them on their make believe electric car.

Dune Buggies and Go Karts

Dune buggies and go-karts are crossover styles between the ATV and cars. The smaller slower version intended for younger kids are the dune buggies. The bigger and faster version are the go-karts for the older kids to enjoy.