What to Put In Your Carry-on Bag


As much as possible, you should travel light with only a backpack as your carry-on. If it cannot be helped, you need a larger luggage and have it checked in. You should know restricted items so you will not suffer hours of interrogation, delay or worse, detention at the airport. You know better than to bring knives, cutting instruments, ammunition, firearms, sporting goods tools and other materials.


If you have a luggage, never forget to bring extra bag for other valuable things. Here in Singapore airport, items allowed to put in your carry-on include:

Matches and lighters

As long as you do not use it for any other reason to hurt the people around you, matches and lighters can be tolerable.

Small hand tools

Small hand tools can also be tolerated if they fall under certain category – it should be less than seven inches (or about eighteen centimetres) in length. The hand tools should not have sharp cutting edges. Example of such tools include pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers.

Small scissors

Scissors are important and you do not know when it will come in handy. If you want to bring scissors, you are free to do so and even put it in your carry-on bag but you have to remember that it should also fall under certain category – it should be less than four inches (or about ten centimetres) for the cutting edges.


Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are kind of new that is why there are some airlines who haven’t established some of its rules regarding it. However, most airlines will allow you to bring electronic cigarettes inside your carry-on luggage provided that you do use it throughout the flight.

Other items

There are items that are hard to replace because they are very expensive or it is important for your health. If items fall under this category, you should consider putting it inside your carry-on bag. What are these items? Money, credit cards, jewellery, laptops, smart phones, prescription medication and other medical devices. Most importantly, you should keep passports tucked safely inside your bag.

Some items like small hands tools, small scissors and lighters are dangerous but they are allowed in the passenger cabin. It is important that you follow restrictions because it can make a difference at the end of the day. For detailed list of restricted items and not restricted items, you should read your booking document or travel itinerary from the airline companies because they tend to understand it more and they can simplify it for you.