When You Think You’re Ready to Settle Down: Questions to Ask  


June is the wedding month. Everyone is rushing to get married but before getting engaged and eventually get married, we have to answer some questions. The questions include:


  • Can we resolve conflict together? We rarely argue when we are in a dating relationship but when we are married, we might get shocked because of conflicts. It is natural that two different people experience conflicts. Conflicts can destroy relationships if it is not properly resolved. So, before saying yes, we have to think about the conflicts and how we resolved it so we have an idea of how to deal with it.


  • Did we deal with our baggage? We all have our baggage to carry but it is important that we deal with it accordingly. The baggage will not completely disappear and it can affect the future relationship. For example, our partner is a gambler and promises to change. The addiction may disappear but it will resurface and the negative issue will make the relationship more complex.
  • Do we have the support of our family and friends? The support of family and friends are important in a relationship. If they support us, our marriage will be blessed and encouraged. If they are not supportive of our relationship, we have to discover why they think so and from that point make our decision.

Marriage is a serious thing that begins with dating and concludes in engagement. There are many divorces here in Singapore but we can protect our relationship from it by answering such questions. We should not be in haste just because it is the wedding season or just because all our other friends are doing such.